MAPS 2016 Conference Announced – Save the Date!

July 27-30, 2016 James E. Richmond Science Center, Waldorf, MD More »

Feature My Planetarium!

The Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society highlights one planetarium per season that is either exemplary, unique, updated, or has implemented new programming, automation, outreach programs, or is shining brightly in the MAPS region More »

MAPS Education Mentoring Network

Experienced Planetarium Professionals are willing to field calls for advice on curriculum, technology and planetarium related concerns. More »


NPR ‘All Things Considered’ – Featuring MAPS Planetarians

A Galaxy Far, Far Away — Right There On The Ceiling

A segment on NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’ featured quotes from several planetarians from the MAPS region.

Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society Margaret Noble Address Speakers

Margaret K. Noble

The Margaret Noble Address is named in honor of one of the founding members of MAPS. Margaret Noble was a teacher and planetarian at Cardozo High School in Washington D.C. Her particular talents in persuasion, diplomacy, persistence and her passion for astronomy guided her efforts in bringing the universe to students.

James E. Richmond Science Center – Fall 2015

  • JERSC Staff Members

Varia Planetarium – Summer 2015

  • Exhibit Hall

Under Roof, Dome and Sky


Under Roof, Dome and Sky is the product of a 5-year project undertaken in 1968 by MAPS planetarium directors. The 45 activities designed to be student-directed were designed and tested as supplemental to the classroom science education of the time in cooperation and with the input of teachers. Topics are covered with both elementary and secondary level activities. Educational methodology has changed in the intervening decades, but these exemplary lessons can be adapted to today’s STEM objectives. All MAPS members are welcome to download and put this collection to use in their own domes.

Audio: James Orgren Planetarium Society Letter 1966

Enjoy the early history of MAPS in audio format

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