2017 MAPS Armand Spitz Regional Meetings

As you know, MAPS is officially joining the rest of the country in the Pleiades National Planetarium Conference at St. Louis, MO next October 10-14, 2017. The Executive Committee hopes that many of our MAPS friends will attend with us and we will hold our official business meeting there.

Meanwhile, a few supportive members have volunteered to hold springtime area meetings within the region offering even more professional development and enjoyment to MAPS folks. These are akin to our established tradition of Armand Spitz Regional Meetings and will be 1 or 2 day gatherings for sharing activities on various themes. The hosts are at various stages of developing their tentative meeting plans to take place at Bowie, MD, Schenectady, NY, Indiana, PA, and Mystic Seaport, CT. If you would like to offer input and support for them please contact, respectively, Patty Seaton, Megan Norris, Ken Coles and Brian Koehler. Registration information will be available here on the MAPS website as plans are finalized.

The MAPS officers applaud the dedication of these folks to our members, and we hope everyone will take the opportunity to participate in one or more of the meetings. It is too early to register, but not too early to plan your own contribution to the event by contacting the host(s). MAPS 2017 Area Meetings will be economical for participants, and prospective MAPS members are encouraged to attend.

We have overheard a few exciting ideas in the works. Patty, Meaghan and Ken are expecting to hold their meetings in May, and Brian June 8-9. Most will be held one afternoon and concluded the next morning. Patty hopes to have two full days with a trip to Goddard Space Flight Center in her agenda, and a full Saturday of activities with MAPS members and area public school teachers.

Howard B. Owens Science Center, Lanham, MD | May 19-20, 2017

Contact: Patty Seaton

Howard B. Owens Science Center
Teaching and Learning Under the Stars
Friday, May 19, is planned for just Planetarium educators, and will include a morning 2-hour two of the Goddard Space Flight Center. The afternoon will consist of workshops, paper sessions, and presentations. Saturday is planned to be a joint meeting of planetarium educators and educators from Prince George’s County Public Schools.
***Download Registration Form – Deadline May 5th

IUP Planetarium at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA | May 19, 2017

Contact: Ken Coles

Indiana University Planetarium (IUP)
Seeing Light in the Darkness: Educating the Audience in the Year of the Eclipse
The IUP planetarium has a 30-foot dome, 74 seats, and a venerable Spitz A3P projector that will be celebrating its 50th year in May.


Suits-Bueche Planetarium at miSci, Schenectady, NY | May 19-20, 2017

Contact: Megan Norris

Suits-Bueche Planetarium
History of Astronomy
Highlights: Rare Books Tour at Union College, presentation and star party at the Octagon Barn, group discussion “How do you teach about the Space Race and Moon Landings to your groups?”

Treworgy Planetarium at Mystic Seaport Museum, Mystic Seaport, CT | June 8-9, 2017

Contact: Brian Koehler

Treworgy Planetarium
Engaging Audiences of All Ages
The planetarium is a 30-foot dome housing a Spitz A3P, and two classrooms are available for activities. Several hotels are within a mile of the Museum. Thursday evening might include a trip to an observatory.