Planetarium Scholarships

A list of scholarships from other organizations or institutions

Hamilton Planetarium Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Hamilton Planetarium Scholarship Fund, Inc.The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships to students interested in gaining employment in the planetarium field as professionals. These scholarships are open to all United States citizens or legal residents attending accredited educational institutions in the United States or possessions.

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Published Grants

Grant results that are published through the Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society

Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society Education Research Grant

The Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society is offering an Education Research Grant to financially support planetarians in conducting research on the use and impact of planetariums in education.

Who can apply: Any current MAPS member. Each member can only apply for one grant per grant cycle.

Application deadline: Rolling (Opens January 1st continues till funds exhausted or year-end)

Award dates: Notifications will be made privately to applicants within 6 weeks of submission and will be announced publically on the MAPS website.

Grant time period: 1 year from your notification; an additional 6 month extension can be requested in writing if needed.

Budget: Grant awards up to $2,500.00 and must follow these guidelines:

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Armand Spitz Mini-Grant Offering


The amount of $200 (USD) is available to a member or member facility of the Middle
Atlantic Planetarium Society to assist in the conducting of a regional meeting of member and
non-member planetarians for the purpose of mutual exchange of programs, lessons, technical
knowledge and other items for professional growth.

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