MAPS 2020 Board of Directors Elections – Important Information

Dear MAPS Members,

The Officers regret to inform you that we have failed to meet our deadlines for requesting and accepting bids for nominations for the Executive Board positions. According to the By-Laws, Article V, Section 2, all nominations were to be received by November 1, and the slate of candidates presented to the Executive Committee by November 15. The list of candidates and their biographies were to be published in the Winter Edition of the Constellation, with the elections taking place in January. None of these deadlines were met this year.

We offer no excuses but want to inform you that we are meeting in person the third weekend of January to discuss the business of MAPS and address concerns such as the elections. We encourage you to forward us your concerns prior to 20 January so that we can include them in this important discussion.

In the meantime, we propose that we put out a call for nominations the entire month of January, provide you all with a list of candidates by mid-February, with a vote at the end of February.

Thank you for your faithfulness to this organization. We promise to work towards improvement and excellence now and into the future.

The Executive Committee

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