Feature My Planetarium!

The Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society highlights one planetarium per season that is either exemplary, unique, updated, or has implemented new programming, automation, outreach programs, or is shining brightly in the MAPS region and is affiliated with our organization.

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MAPS Education Mentoring Network

If you are starting out in the planetarium field or have recently moved to a new facility with unfamiliar equipment or curriculum, and have questions for a fellow educator, technician, or coordinator, our mentors can help. Our field tends to be a specialty in which one often finds oneself operating single handedly without the benefit of immediate consultation with a colleague facing the same challenges.

As our organization gains new members, we feel the Education Mentoring Network will serve a vital function. Unlike education mentors that are assigned, you are free to consult with any of our mentors. We are a voluntary pool of professionals willing to assist.