“Lost in Space: Now What” – Don Knapp, Margaret Noble Address

“Lost in Space: Now What” – Don Knapp, Margaret Noble Address presentation at the Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society’s 2013 Conference. Includes an introduction by Patty Seaton.

“Move the Pointer Slowly.”

Don Knapp, a longtime member and pillar of the MAPS organization will deliver the 2013 Margaret Noble address speaking from a life of planetarium operation leading to his recent retirement. Don started in planetariums in 1972 with a BA in astrophysics from Indiana University. Through the years with his professional positions in four institutions, Don opened the skies to thousands of visitors in museums and school districts, and has played key roles in our own MAPS fellowship.

He is a past president of MAPS who also led the initiatives to start our website, edited the Constellation, and published conference proceedings. Don has chaired our nominations committee and in his last year of a long planetarium career, he co-hosted the 2011 MAPS Conference. His talk, “Lost in Space: Now What?”, will enlighten us with characteristic light-hearted insights and the richness of his experience.