MAPS Exceptional Service Award

The MAPS Exceptional Service Award is given to planetarium staff who have gone “above or beyond the call of service” in work related to the planetarium field. Colleagues and co-workers may nominate candidates for the MAPS Exceptional Service Award.

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MAPS Exceptional Service Award – Criteria & Nomination Form [pdf]

MAPS Exceptional Service Award Recipients

2016Kevin Williams
Monique Wilson
2015Jennifer Baxmeyer, Cradle of Aviation, co-host
Kerri Kiker, Cradle of Aviation, co-host
Tom Bruckner, Nassau Community College, co-host
Alan Davenport, Outgoing President
2014Maryland Science Center staff instrumental in pulling the conference off:

Dave Beam, Exhibits Manager
Samantha Blau, SpaceLink and TerraLink Manager
Katie Feild, Planetarium Operator
Jesse Lorentson, Planetarium Operator
Shira Moskowitz, Assistant Producer/Education Coordinator
Rich Stein, Observatory Manager
2013Keith Johnson
Mark Bowman
Jeff Grills
2011Rodney Martin, Washington County Public Schools
2008Jan Russo
2007Robert McCaskill, Howard B. Owens, nominated by Patty Seaton
Megan EM Dominguez, Suits-Bueche, nominated by Steve Russo
Patty Seaton, Howard B. Owens, nominated by Wendy
Steve Mitch
2006Gloria Villalobos, Novins Planetarium, Toms River
Paul Krupinski
Sally Goff, Maryland Science Center, Davis Planetarium
Donald Knapp, Warminster, PA - nominated by Stephanie Parello for PAPA gathering
2005Derrick Pitts, Franklin Institute, Fels Planetarium
Stephanie Parello, American Museum of Natural History, Hayden Planetarium
Ted Williams
2004Eric Melenbrink, Science Museum of Virginia, Ethyl Planetarium
Joe Halley, Maryland Science Center, Davis Planetarium
Jennifer Arruda, Newark Museum, Dreyfuss Planetarium
Jessica Nunez, Newark Museum, Dreyfuss Planetarium
2003Dennis Kurtz
Patty Seaton, Howard B. Owens Science Center
2002Noreen Grice, Boston Museum of Science, Hayden Planetarium
Pearl Reilly, Seiler Instruments
Juliann Gaydos Muller, Newark Museum, Dreyfuss Planetarium
Kwadjo Denchi, Newark Museum, Dreyfuss Planetarium
RuVaughn McDay, Newark Museum, Dreyfuss Planetarium
Ed Frederick, EcoTarium