Peter F. Connors


by Dennis Kurtz

Educator, Planetarian, Dreamer, Listener, Mentor

Peter was my mentor, colleague, and most of all my friend. Many in the MAPS community will remember him for his insight and dedication, not only to the planetarium field but to education
in general.

Peter’s influence can be seen in MAPS history; President three times, helped write “Roof, Dome, Sky”, help organize Maps conference, and I am sure I am missing a few dozen more. He entered the planetarium field in 1968 as the director of the Half Hollow Hills Schools Planetarium and was the director until his retirement in 1998.

He was the creator and guiding light of many innovative programs at Half Hollow Hills. One of
the outstanding programs was the establishment of a space science center as an adjunct to the Planetarium programs. Not only is the planetarium program still operating at HHH, but the 28 year old space science center (now called the Discovery Center) is also still in operation. The school district recognizing his contributions to the children of HHH named the planetarium in his honor in 2010. The picture show is at the dedication of the Peter F. Connors Planetarium. May his inspiration continue to touch students for many more years.

We will all miss him.

Peter is survived by his wife, two sons and five grandchildren.