Travelers Science Dome at the Gengras Planetarium – Fall 2016

Travelers Science Dome at the Gengras Planetarium

Noreen Grice, Planetarium Manager
The Children’s Museum
950 Trout Brook Drive
West Hartford, CT 06119
United States of America

How long have you been a MAPS member?

MAPS member since 1988

Planetarium Website:

Planetarium Facebook page:

Year planetarium opened:

Opened to Public 1968

Tell us about your planetarium:

The Gengras Planetarium opened in 1968 as part of The Children’s Museum in West Hartford Connecticut. The original star projector was a Spitz Space transit and known to local children as “Stella”. In 2007, Stella was replaced with a Spitz SciDome HB digital projector. The core audience of our planetarium is young children and their families. This can be quite challenging as many full dome shows are geared toward older children and young adults. We use a combination of live programming and digital media to inspire visitors to want to learn and observe more about the night sky and the world around them. The Museum’s mascot is a full-size walk-through model of a sperm whale named Conny (short for Connecticut) that sits near the Museum’s front entrance. It’s a great reference for telling people where to find our planetarium!

What type of equipment do you have?

Spitz SciDome HB digital projector