2020 MAPS Virtual Conference: Register and Participate

The time has come to register for the 2020 MAPS Virtual Conference, which will take place on the afternoon and evening of Friday, September 25 and the morning and afternoon of Saturday, September 26.

This page has all of the links you need to register for our online gathering, along with a number of ways that you can participate in this special event.


STEP 1: Renew your MAPS dues for 2020

If you haven’t done so already, please go here to renew your MAPS membership.


STEP 2: Register to attend the 2020 Virtual Conference

To register to attend the virtual conference, please fill out the short form here.

Wondering how the virtual conference is shaping up? Click here to see a tentative conference schedule.


STEP 3: Propose a talk or a workshop

Have you just re-opened, and do you have any “lessons learned” to share? Are you still closed, but finding clever ways to fulfill your mission? Have you tried something new this year?


STEP 4: Nominate a MAPS colleague for an award

This has been a difficult year for all of us. As we cope, adapt, and forge ahead, it is important now more than ever to celebrate each other! Did you know that there are four different types of major awards that MAPS members can receive? Click the links below to see the criteria and a nomination form for each award.


A NEW Award for 2020

We are introducing the Twinkle Award to recognize a special “shining star” who has helped you in some way this year. Click the link to see some nomination suggestions for this recognition. This new award will be included with all other awards at our virtual conference and in the next issue of the Constellation.


STEP 5: Participate in our 2020 Margaret Noble Address

You may recall that Michael McConville was slated to give our Margaret Noble Address at our 2020 conference. While we will get to hear from Michael in-person in 2021, he is also spearheading a very special keynote address for this virtual conference. We are asking everyone to pass along a short video clip (no more than a minute long) of you answering one of our three questions about the past, present, and the future of our planetarium community. You can answer one, two, or all three, just make sure they’re separate clips!

  1. PAST: What was your first planetarium experience?
  2. PRESENT: What new skills or insight have you gained in 2020?
  3. FUTURE: What changes do you see in the planetarium community moving forward?

Mike would love to incorporate some of your own thoughts and wisdom in the speech this year, so send those files – or a download link – to his email (mcconville.michael@gmail.com) before the end of the day on Monday, September 21, 2020. Many thanks in advance for your help!