Armand Spitz Regional Conferences

Armand Spitz Mini-Grant Offering


The amount of $200 (USD) is available to a member or member facility of the Middle
Atlantic Planetarium Society to assist in the conducting of a regional meeting of member and
non-member planetarians for the purpose of mutual exchange of programs, lessons, technical
knowledge and other items for professional growth.

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Armand Spitz Regional Meetings

Armand Spitz Regional Meetings
(Single day or 1/2 day conference / workshops)


We’d like to encourage our membership to meet locally and sponsor an Armand Spitz Regional Meeting. The goal is to share techniques, lesson plans, related technology and presentations with area colleagues.

Funding is available to help host Armand Spitz Regional Meetings. Please contact Sam Storch (Secretary) or Patty Seaton (President) for more information.

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