2018 Newsletters

Constellation Winter 2018

Constellation Fall 2018
MAPS Officer Elections 2019
President’s Message
MAPS Down South 2019 MAPS-SEPA Joint Conference
Skylore from Planet Earth
Astronomy Education Brightened for Western New York in 2018
IPS Election Results
MAPS Education Committee
Questions That Lead to Lessons
First Images of 2014 MU69 January 2, 2019
East Kentucky Science Center and Varia Planetarium Prestonsburg, KY

Constellation Fall 2018

Constellation Fall 2018
Vermont Planetarium Presents World’s Largest Astronomy Lecture
President’s Message
MAPS Education Committee
Celestial Motions
Hamilton Planetarium Scholarship
Dates to Remember
An Intersection of Art and Science on the Space Station

Constellation Summer 2018

Constellation Summer 2018
Happy Summer!
President’s Message
MAPS Education Committee
Questions that lead to lessons!
MAPS Conference Sponsors
MAPS Business Meeting
Stories in the Stars
Horizon for Bear Hunt Constellation Wheel
The Accessible Planetarium: Why It’s Good for Your Bottom Line

Constellation Spring 2018

Constellation: Spring 2018
Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society Conference 2018
President’s Message & Election Results
East Kentucky Science Center
Red LEDs for Star Maps
War of the Worlds
Hubble @ 28
In Memoriam
FREE Astronomy Exhibit