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Survey for Short Planetarium Shows on Cultural Astronomy

We would like to invite you to help inform how a group of storytelling and planetarium specialists develop cultural astronomy shorts that share stories from Canada, China, India, Japan, and the U.S. With the end in mind (shorts you will want to have for your planetarium!), we wanted to ask you some questions.

IPS Update: An Experience in Italy

A Week in Italy for an American Planetarium Operator (click for IPS details)

Each year, in the spring, the Serafino Zani Astronomical Observatory (Lumezzane/Brescia) hosts an American planetarium operator, whose native tongue is English, to work with high school students of English.

Applications are requested from educators or astronomers who work with any of the various models of planetariums.

The International Planetarium Society (IPS) endorses this initiative as an excellent opportunity for professional development and cultural exchange.

Planet Almanac for September 1, 2016 to October 31, 2017

This Year in Planets by Robert Victor

Following on his poster and talk at MAPS 2016, Bob Victor has compiled this planet almanac to benefit of planetarians in planning their sky observations and interpretations in the coming year. His work here covers the dates September 1, 2016, to October 31, 2017, and includes monthly evening sky charts plotted for 40 degrees north latitude.

As Seen at the Conference

Bob Victor shared many sky events with us during both his presentation and his poster at the conference.

Alan Davenport has compiled a document that highlights all of the celestial events we can share with our audiences this month. Thank you, Bob and Alan!!!

PDF – Celestial Highlights, August 8-September 2, 2016

Under Roof, Dome and Sky

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Reasons for Seasons Workshop

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MAPS Education Mentoring Network

If you are starting out in the planetarium field or have recently moved to a new facility with unfamiliar equipment or curriculum, and have questions for a fellow educator, technician, or coordinator, our mentors can help. Our field tends to be a specialty in which one often finds oneself operating single handedly without the benefit of immediate consultation with a colleague facing the same challenges.

As our organization gains new members, we feel the Education Mentoring Network will serve a vital function. Unlike education mentors that are assigned, you are free to consult with any of our mentors. We are a voluntary pool of professionals willing to assist.