MAPS 2020 Board of Directors Elections – Results

Congratulations to Lee Ann Hennig, Paul Krupinski and Patty Seaton who will be continuing their service on the Executive Board. 

Thank you to all of our members who ran and everyone who cast a vote.


Candidate Bio

Lee Ann A. Hennig

I have had the honor of being a MAPS member for many years. My service includes holding several offices: Secretary, President Elect, President, and Board Member, as well as serving on various committees. I have attended, presented, and participated in many of the MAPS conferences. I also served as IPS Secretary for over 20 years, a position which provided new ideas, opportunities, and interactions with colleagues around the world. I retired from my planetarium last year and am now able to devote more time to making MAPS a more effective force for our members. We realize our organization can benefit from long term planning and goal setting specifically for improving services to the membership.

Through my work on the Board, I have attempted to improve the stature of MAPS as an organization and to extend and expand its benefits to the membership. My past experiences have underscored the importance of a Board that can work as a group, cooperatively, for the good of the organization and for the growth and in the best interests of its members and their concerns.

The opportunities and experiences I have gained from my past position as Secretary of the International Planetarium Society, experience in national associations for the advancement of astronomy education, and from serving in other organizations have provided critical skills and tools which also reinforce my service as a Board member in MAPS.

Although the technology of our field is evolving we still need to be inclusive and supportive of our entire planetarium community. Through the transition of my facility a Spits A3P to a SkySkan Definiti Digital System, I have learned how to deal with all the growing issues that come with that transition as well as the exciting possibilities. It is critical for MAPS to support strong leadership to face the challenges of our profession at all levels.

I have confirmed my impression of how crucial it is to have dedicated and motivated committees as a good base for our Society. As Education Chair it has been an honor to work with the other productive members of our committee in their quest for providing a service for our community.

The strength and soul of our organization is its membership and I will do my best to promote the goals and objectives of MAPS toward that philosophy. Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to be a candidate for office.

1. Director of Astronomy and Astrophysics Research at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Fairfax County Virginia)
2. Director of the TJHSST Planetarium (SkySkan Definiti -30 ft Dome)
3. Coordinator of Research and Technology Labs at TJHSST

Paul Krupinski

Greetings fellow friends and colleagues of the Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society! I am appreciative, once again, for a nomination to the Board of Directors of the MAPS Executive Committee. As an incumbent, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Executive Committee since 2010. Our Board is always striving to serve and benefit YOU our valued membership.

I’ve served MAPS as your President Elect, President, and Past President from 2000-2006, which was truly an outstanding and rewarding experience. I’ve been apart of the ad hoc MAPS Strategic Planning Committee and with the committee I’ve collaborated on the following documents: the MAPS Executive Committee Calendar and Procedures, Conference Guidelines and Vendor Policy, as well as the MAPS Executive Handbook. In addition, I am currently the Chair of the Audit and Memorial Committees, as well as a member of the Elections Committee.

For those who are new to our planetarium community, I’m Paul J. Krupinski from Cheektowaga/Buffalo, New York. I’ve been a member of MAPS longer than I can remember, attended my first planetarium conference in Wheeling, WV in 1990. I’ve been so fortunate to meet new people, spend precious time at conferences with life-long friends, share some terrific ideas, as well as collaborate with the finest Planetarians this business has to offer.

The year 2020 marks my 27th year as Director/Owner of Mr. K.’s Mobile Dome Planetarium and my twenty five (25) year as show presenter
of the world renowned Strasenburgh Planetarium of the Rochester Museum & Science Center. In addition, it’s my 4th year teaching with a digital planetarium system for Intermidate and Middle school students at the Maryvale UFSD planetarium of my hometown in Cheektowaga, New York.

Finally, as many of you know, time doesn’t always allow the Board to complete the task or tasks at hand, which inadvertently improve our organization. Many ideas to improve value and benefits to membership are work-in-progress and need time to be brought to fruition! Therefore, I’d like the opportunity, once again, to continue with the Executive Committee to re-visit and complete unfinished business, while cultivating new innovative ideas, which will provide the Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society an even brighter future going forward. Thank you for the opportunity!


Paul J. Krupinski

Patty Seaton

I can’t believe that I’ve been in the planetarium business for 30 years now. I used to be one of the younger members! Now it is my joy to work with MAPS members who are both older and younger than me. I’ve seen a lot of great innovations thanks to MAPS over the last 30 years, and have remained active by attending most of the annual conferences during that time! I’ve hosted two conferences myself, in 2003 and 2009, and served twelve years in a row as President-Elect/President/Past-President (repeat). After I stepped down, I realized how much I missed being part of the decision-making process of the organization, so I ran again for Board. As the end of that two-year term approaches, I realize that there is so much more that I feel I can offer in terms of experience and creativity. As I am also currently serving as the Executive Secretary of the International Planetarium Society (IPS), I can continue to bring some of their innovations and ideas to MAPS. I can strength the relationship between IPS and MAPS, which is beneficial to both organizations. And honestly, I just love to serve the MAPS community. MAPS has provided me invaluable relationships and resources that all these years. It’s only fitting I continue to pay it forward!