Nominate a MAPS Member Colleague for a Board Position

We invite you to participate in a key activity for the Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society — the nomination of new Officers and Board Members. MAPS is committed to building a large and diverse pool of candidates, and that can only happen with your participation.

MAPS encourages your participation in this process. When presenting a nomination, please be as thorough as possible regarding your knowledge of the nominee. MAPS welcomes self-nominations as well.

It takes only a few minutes to fill out the nomination form, but the impact is lasting. For specific questions, please contact:
Paul Krupinski, Audit Committee Chair

Election information from MAPS By-Laws

  • Officers and Board Members shall be elected on a mail-in or electronic ballot by the membership in January.
  • Terms of office shall be for two years.
  • The President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected in odd-numbered years, and the Board Members elected in even numbered years.
  • All nominations must be submitted in writing or by e-mail with the “second” submitted in writing or by e-mail by November 1st.

Nominate a Fellow MAPS Member for a Board Position

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